Graphic & Product Design Intern

Summer 2023

I interned for Nightli in the summer of 2023. Working at a start-up was a great experience in many aspects. I got to work and develop different skills in my design work and see all parts of a company and how they work together. I'm truly grateful for this summer experience and for the people at Nightli

Founded in 2020 at KTH innovation in Stockholm, Nightli started and re-invented itself 2022 after 2 years of pandemic and a closed nightlife scene. Nightli wants to connect night clubs with guests and does so by opening up the nightlife and making clubbing easily accessible. With this purpose, they grew their social accounts during corona visting nightclubs and became Sweden’s largest platform.

My Internship

I primarily worked with branding. Designing social media posts, promotional videos for events, logo ideation, and design. Additionally, I designed UI for mobile and web. My work is displayed on the company’s website, social media, and events

Promotion and Branding

Nightli Event

Adobe After Effects – Adobe Premiere

Map Feature

Adobe Illustrator

Presented on various social media platforms and the company’s website. The design is meant to promote the map feature while also representing and giving an overview of the different elements available on the app.

Brand Exstension

Introducing Nightli NATTKLUBB

Working on the brand extension of Nightli NATTKLUBB. The extended business is a nightclub concept that partners with clubs and sponsors to create an unforgettable party. The creation of the logo for the brand consisted of a lot of ideation and close communication with the marketing team. We wanted to keep the characteristic Nightli owl within the logo to emphasize the extension of the brand.

Final Design

Social Media