Graphic Design Intern

Summer 2022

Having the opportunity to do my first internship at Tryggsam and Kind Relations in the summer of 2022 was an incredible first real work experience that I’ll always have with me.

The Internship involved working alongside the parent company Tryggsam, a tech security system in Sweden. My work involved designing ad posters, brochures, roll-ups, backdrops, signs and digital graphics. The work is displayed at the company office, and in promotional materials such as introduction brochures

Kind works with telephone sales on behalf of some of Sweden’s biggest brands. 

“We create customer experiences🔥 For over 7 years, Kind has worked to create customer experiences and connect customers to one of Sweden’s most successful and fastest growing technology companies. Kind works with high technology to deliver extraordinary customer experiences through digital communication as well as inbound and outbound sales. In a world where the digital tool is increasingly important but where the customer appreciates a human connection, there is Kind. Our agents are committed to creating unique connections through empathy, adaptive communication skills and more importantly a passion to make it happen.” – Kind Relations

Some of my work

Brochure for New Employees

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