UI / UX | User Research | User Testing | Prototyping | 15 weeks

Hub is the app for discovering events, share experiences and make unforgettable memories. The app is designed to help you find the perfect event for any given occasion by personalized offers, filtering and reviews. Make the most of your time, plan ahead and find the best events!

Discover, Share and Experience!



The bussiness benefit from the software will be in the communication and relationship between the costumers/users and event organizers.


We want to strenghten the social life and community by making it easier to find and visit events. We want to bring people togther.



Define Goals

Research, defining the problem and user goals and challenges


Discover Needs

Discover the user. Define a user persona, user scenarios and make user testing


Design Solutions

Time to create! Design solutions, test and make iterations

Target Audience

Technology plays a central role in the lives of Millennials and Gen Z. They appreciate events that leverage technology to enhance their experiences, such as event apps for agenda management. Millennials and Gen Z appreciate personalized experiences tailored to their interests and preferences. They expect event organizers to use data-driven insights to customize content, recommendations and networking opportunities based on their individual needs.

Approximate Global Workforce

Millennials and Gen Z 

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Plan & Learning Goals

What do they like/dislike about events

What is your worst experience when attending an event? Why?
Tell me about the best event you have ever been to. How did you find it and decide to go to it? Why was it a good experience?

What are their behaviors when searching events

Let’s say your friend is coming to visit you in your town, how do you plan his/her stay? Do you use any specific platforms? Why/ why not?
How do you find events? Do you use any specific app or platform when doing so?

What are their motivations for going to an event

When do you feel most in need to find events to go to? Why?
tell me about the last time you attended an event. Why did you go to that event? With whom?
How often to you go to events? How come?

What type/sort of events do they attend

What sort of events do you enjoy? Why?
If you come to a new city, what sort of event would you want to go to? why?
what do you consider is a good event? why?

Interview Highlights

Assumptions & Findings



It is hard for people to find and plan events, especially in a new city.

People are generally stressed or frustrated about the finding, organizing, and planning
for events in their own area.

People find it hard to plan ahead and know and remember dates of different events

People like to plan their activities when traveling or visiting a new place. However, they stuggle with planing for the activity and usually wants to have more information about the event before attending it.

It is hard to keep track of what events to attend, what is fun and popular at the moment.

People usually know what events they’d like to attend, however, they oftendly lack motivation in finding them

People find it frustrating to use several platforms when looking up different events

The majority of people are used to finding events on social media and finding out more from there. ex. event profiles, website, friends. however, they’d prefer one single platform for a more effective experience.

Meet the Audience

Clara the Clubber

Customer Journey

Exploring what to do for the weekend with friends

The Problem

As a user, I want an effective and easy way to explore actvities and events

As a user, I want to be able to stay on the same platform when exploring events and plan my activities from there.

As a user, I lack motivation or capacity to find fun events.

As a user, I want to know more about the event/activity before attending it.

User Workflow

Find an event, explore it, share it with friends, book a ticket and distribute the ticket to friends.

Style Guide

User Testing

What changes can be made to the user experience and design elements? What needs to be clarified, changed, added, or removed?

Iterations based on feedback



Final Screens


Press the phone to check out the prototype!

Final Thoughts

This UX/UI project was born out of my personal experience as an international student in a foreign city. Recognizing the challenges of discovering and attending events, I envisioned an app that would make this process effortless and enjoyable. The app aimed to provide a user-friendly interface for exploring a wide range of events, personalized recommendations, and social features to connect with friends and like-minded individuals.